As Çelik Covid-19 Precautions

Dear customers,
We would like to inform you that, our operations did not disrupt during Covid-19 Global Pandemic. Considering the declarations of legal autorities and the measures we take, we can strongly foresee and assure the continuity of our business and production in the future.
Here, you may find the measures we take against Covid-19:
• All our staff are informed about hygiene rules to avoid Covid-19.
• Travels have been suspended, training and events have been postponed.
• Meetings are restricted and most of them are moved to online platforms.
• The employees who aged over 55 and have chronic disease have been sent home with paid vacation.
• To ensure full continuity of our services, specific teams are divided during work and break times as social isolation groups:
As you might know, As Celik has two facilities, 50 km away from each other in same city. We have created social isolation groups include certain employees who are in interaction with only each other, according to working departments and shifts to ensure continuity of our service. Hereby, we will be able to continue our production by put a spesific group into quarantine in a worst-case scenario.
• Remote working with shifts has begun to a certain extent in office employees.
• At our offices and workshops, disinfection has been increased.
• Protective face masks are delivered daily to all employees.
• Every day our employees’ health is monitoring with smart thermometers in the entrances.
• Hand sanitizers are replaced in all departments, especially entrances, cafeterias, changing rooms and other common areas.
• The number of shuttle buses are increased with daily disinfection and distanced seating order with obligation of face masks.
• Additional changing rooms are constructed and entrances are restricted with numbers.
• There are some rearrangements for dining hall to use:
• Only 2 people are allowed to sit at the 6-people table.
• 1 meters space between the lines should be kept while being served meals.
• Disposable tableware are provided with packaged bread and beverages in all meals.
• Food menus are enriched with fresh fruits and vegetables to support immune system.
As As Çelik, we believe that with responsibility and carefulness, we could soon leave these days behind. We would like to wish you good health.